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About Hoop Sparx

Hoop Sparx was founded to inspire creativity, fun fitness and social connection through hula hoop dance.

The focus is on fun, fitness and freedom for all ages and fitness levels – and hula hoops of course! A range of activities are available including interactive classes and workshops, parties, community and corporate programs.

The Hoop Sparx approach includes:

  • Using play as a foundation for learning and connection
  • Encouraging individual expression, exploration and creativity
  • Utilising hula hoop dance as a tool to reflect and change/challenge our thinking

Hoop Sparx hula hoop activities are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of the group and ensure outcomes are met. This could include:

  • A ridiculously fun party
  • Team building
  • Space activation at an event
  • Community activities focussing on intergenerational/multicultural/family engagement
  • Embedding learning outcomes at a training day or conference

The focus is on fun, fitness and flow for adults, kids, corporates and communities.

Hoop Sparx offers:

  • hula hoop workshops and classes (Melbourne)
  • hoopy hen’s and kids parties (Melbourne)
  • holiday programs (Australia)
  • hula hoops (world-wide)

Our motto: Play. Dance. Hoop.

Hoop Sparx facillitators are enchanting and engaging. They drew the crowds, from small children to adults. Loads of laughter and smiles all round. Donna is both professional and reassuring to deal with. Thanks Hoop Sparx we will definitely recommend your services.
– Cate Thomas, Apollo Bay Seafood Festival.

The Hoop Sparx Founder – Donna Sparx


Donna Sparx has taught thousands of people to hula hoop.

Based in Melbourne. Donna is a hula hoop dancer, teacher, performer and lover with a background in Creative Arts and 15 years experience working with diverse communities.

In 2015, Donna left an executive management position to found Hoop Sparx and share her passion for hula hooping.

Donna has performed with the Women’s Circus and trained under hula hoop dance instructors from Australia, the UK and USA. She is a Certified Trainer and Assessor, Youth Worker, Drug and Alcohol Worker and holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts.

When not playing with or teaching hoops, Donna can be found training with the Women’s Circus, dancing, inventing new smoothies, getting out of the city, or deciding which leggings will best reflect her mood.

A word from Donna Sparx:

Fuelled by a passion for transformation and growth on a personal, business, local and global level, I am a born facilitator with an appreciation for the power in play and flow.

I believe in movement, inspired goal-setting, and fun, to create a happier, more fulfilling life.

When asked “what do you do?” my answer was always “for love or money?” So, in 2015 I took a leap of faith. I left a six figure salary and put my hips where my hoop was (so to speak).

I started my career as a Youth Worker and left it as a General Manager of Business Development. I have a degree in Creative Arts and Certificates in Training and Assessment, Community Services and Sound Production.

What does it all mean? It means I get it. I get strategy. I get outcomes. I get self-care, I get stress, I get goals.

I get that at the end of the day, all that is left is YOU.

No-one else is going to create the life you want for you.

I took a leap of faith and dived head first, through a hoop, and into the business of freelance inspiration.


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