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Beginners Hoop Dance Tutorial

March 08, 2017

How do you dance with a hula hoop? It's one thing to learn "tricks" and keep that baby spinning around your body but it's another things to learn to dance with a hula hoop right?! Yes! The key is to keep it simple, break things down and find things that easily connect together and feel natural for you. This tutorial provides a move that links simply to other horizontal, off-body moves so you will be able to dance with a hula hoop in no time! Remember, be patient, practise and persist. The flow will find ...

Christmas Gift Ideas

Selection of Hula Hoops

December 01, 2016

It's the first day of summer and the sun is out. It seems like the perfect day to start pondering Christmas gift ideas. Here's some hula hoop inspired Christmas gift ideas so you can gift some giggle and spin! Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50 $20 Practise Hoop A perfect hoop for teens and adults at the beginning of their hula hoop journey. And a hilarious Kris Kringle idea for your colleagues or friends.   $30 Kids Hula Hoops A sparkly circle of hula hoop magic for any 3-8 year olds in your life.      $30 Hoop Class An experiential gift idea for someone who is up for some energetic fun and something a little different. Christmas Gift Ideas Under $100 $65 Private Hula Hoop Lesson 1:1 For an extra special christmas gift for those who are into fitness, check out these private hula hoop ...

How a hula hoop can improve workplace performance


November 15, 2016

Workplace performance and hula hoop in the one sentence?! I know. It seems too fun to be true. The thing is though, is that there’s loads of research out there connecting exercise, play and flow with improved workplace performance. Hooping ticks all the boxes! HOOPING IS A PRODUCTIVITY, MOTIVATIONAL MEGA BOMB. It’s a combination of exercise, play and flow and can be your newest super power by: Keeping you alert and focussed Increasing your energy levels Improving brain function Inspiring new ideas Supporting work-life balance (which has also been shown to improve time management skills) Building resilience through working through discomfort Generating self-esteem by consistently achieving new goals and meeting challenges hip head on Creating contagious happiness, especially when ...

14 Ways Hooping is Good for your Mental Health

Donna  04

November 01, 2016

Despite what most people think, hooping is way more than just spinning a plastic children’s toy around your waist. It has helped me overcome anxiety, increased my confidence and is my go-to activity for finding calm. The hula hoop has a huge part to play in mental health and emotional transformation. 1. RELEASES HAPPY BRAIN CHEMICALS Like with most exercise, hooping releases endorphins. I’ve done loads of other forms of exercise and, having talked to hundreds of hoopers, can confidently proclaim that no other form of exercise seems to have the ability to make people seem as blissfully, people-think-you’re-crazy, happy.   2. REDUCES STRESS AND ANXIETY Hooping provides a healthy release for tension and pent-up feelings of anxiety by incorporating movement, breath, repetition and giving you something ...

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