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Hula Hoops & Gift Vouchers

Our NEW ONLINE HULA HOOP SHOP has just launched!

Give the gift of fun, fitness & flow

Gift Vouchers are available for classes, private lessons and hula hoops.

Buy your very own hula hoop for fun, fitness and flow!

Choose from a range of sparkle and styles. All hoops are hand crafted in Melbourne.

Visit the brand new HOOP SHOP where you will find dance hoops, fitness hoops, polypro, minis and kids hoops galore!

I have loads of hula hoops and the one from Hoop Sparx is my fav! – Melissa

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Which hoop is right for you?

As a general guide:

  • 80cm for littlies (up to 6 years old)
  • 90cm for big kids and experienced hoopers
  • 100cm for hoopstars at the beginning of their journey

Bigger hoops give your body more time to learn, connect and respond, making on-body hooping easier.  A good size to start with is the distance from your toes to your tummy button. As you progress and do more off-body tricks, you may want to buy a smaller hoop.

Practise hoops are quality dance hoops minus the sparkle. Almost naked, these babies like to get trashed cos they have no clothes to ruin. If the hoops not dropping, the body’s not learning. Orange plastic with a stripe of grip tape and cheaper to buy.

Pipe & Grip:  All Hoop Sparx dance hoops are made with 2cm diameter pipe with grip tape incorporated into the design to help the hoop hold your body.

Contact us to design your own hoop: $45 + shipping.

Shipping: 1 hoop: $15. Discounts on multiple hoops.
Hoops ship within 48 hours of receipt of payment.
International shipping by request.


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