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Digging Deeper

I’m still on a high since Hoop Ma Bootay on the weekend. What a buzz! 2 hours of playing with movement…and a hoop. I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t do enough of that in my hoop practise – you know, picking one shape, one focus, one thing and staying with it for a whole track. Really exploring it. I discovered loads in my own flow and had a blast watching the creativity bubble and explode through everyone’s dance.

So much hooping, so much dance, such good tunes. Total gratitude for all the hoop has brought into my life including each one of you!

Before you delve into the inspiration, Infinite Spherical Fold hooptorial, free tunes and shenanigans below, I want to highlight three awesome upcoming hooptivities: Hoop and Dreams, a free hoop gathering/jam/workshop; Term 3 classes (looks like people are getting in early this term); and a fun, free daytime warehouse happening Hoop Sparx will be at.

Hoopspiration for exploration…Hoopsloration! AKA Exploration sessions for your loungeroom.

Should you wish to PLAY and EXPLORE, here are 3 movements and a whole bunch of juicy cues for you to dive into.

  1. Hold the hoop with 2 hands. They are stuck there with hooperglue. Now move, dance, GO explore:
  • Vertical / Horizontal
  • Inside / Outside the hoop
  • Frames
  1. Portaltastic…how many ways can you go through the hoop?!
  • Like you are sneaking through a window
  • Like you are exploding onto a stage
  • Like you are a jack in the box
  1. Rest the hoop on the back of your hand
  • Left / Right and Up / Down
  • What is the rest of your body doing?
  • What is your other hand doing?


Now here’s a tutorial that is waaaaay easier to do than it is to say! The Infinite Spherical Fold has a couple of variations and is a type of three dimensional isolation that will fit smoothly into all different aspects of your flow. I was in a super silly mood when I shot this one so…erm…enjoy! Oh, and there’s a fancy new animation at the start thanks to a super talented friend of mine. Hope you like it!

Hoop Rhythms

For those of you who came to Hoop Ma Bootay, you would’ve experienced first hand the absolute awesome that is Dice FX. The good news for all is that Dice is a super generous type and has some rad tracks and mixes available for free download on soundcloud! Check it.

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