Hula Hoops

Dance, fitness, polypro, minis and kids hula hoops. Choose from a range of sparkle and styles.

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Friendly hula hoop classes for all levels focussed on tricks, flow, dance and getting fit whilst having fun.

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Hoop Sparx Gift Vouchers are available for a range of classes, private lessons and hula hoops.

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Many sparkles and styles

Dance & Fitness
Hula Hoops

Hula Hoops

Hula Hoops

Hula Hoops

What They’re Saying

“I have lots of hoops from all different places. I recommend Hoop Sparx because they are a little softer and not hugely heavy so you can still do some rad off body stuff with them.”


“The mentors and young mums had a blast and it was such a fun, inclusive and empowering experience. We loved it! You are a true professional and your energy was contagious. It really was the best way for us to end our year and was by far my favourite activity of all that we have done this year!”

Raise Youth Mentoring Foundation

“Exercise has never been more hilarious”

Cynthia, My Poppet

“I have had so much positive feedback. The session was the highlight of our two day conference. It really shifted the group’s thinking. I still can’t believe we had 50 staff hooping together and really starting to work as a team. The biggest surprise was how many blokes loved hooping”

Erin, ISPT

“ Hooping is now my favourite way to exercise and have fun because I learn something new every class and I've met so many great people in the hoop community. I love how inclusive Donna's classes are and anyone at any level can feel comfortable to attend.”


“A brilliant teacher who creates a fun and friendly space to explore hoop dance. Not only have I learned heaps of tricks, I have learned how to transition and how to flow with the hoop, all while having sooooo much fun!”