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“Exercise has never been more hilarious”
My Poppet


The mentors and young mums had a blast and it was such a fun, inclusive and empowering experience. We loved it! You are a true professional and your energy was contagious. It really was the best way for us to end our year and was by far my favourite activity of all that we have done this year!


I’ve loved being part of your classes. My partner’s 4 year old asked me to do a hula show for him. It’s catching on! 


Yesterday I was in a rotten mood, I was upset over something and had been obsessing over it for two days. I didn’t want to go to class – I didn’t want to go do anything – but I made myself go. For the first time since I started worrying about this thing I got out of my head and focused on something else, without even trying. I laughed, moved my body and got perspective on my problem. I feel 100 times better this morning, I know that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for your class. Thank you so much for running such a fun class, it was exactly what I needed yesterday!


Donna is one of the sparkliest and loveliest hoopers in town.


I have lots of hoops from all different places. I recommend Hoop Sparx because they are a little softer and not hugely heavy so you can still do some rad off body stuff with them.


I have loads of hoops and the one from Hoop Sparx is my fav!

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