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Time to Get Weird

Creepy and quirky post Halloween.

With Halloween just been, it’s time to bring in some creepiness and quirkiness! Read on for a creepy, quirky hoop tune or two, hooplicious recipe and the latest hooptorial.

It’s time to get weird! Oh, and there’s a couple of new classes on the Hoop Sparx sparkly program too. South Side will be getting their spin on in Alma Park and Helly War is back with an Intermediate class full of tech and tricks and YES.

Hooptorial: Cross Arm Isolation

Catterina Suttin introduced this move into my world and it blew my mind the first time I saw it. It’s a quirky take on the regular two-handed isolation and so long as you think “sticky wrists”, it’s fairly simple to learn. That’s right, repeat after me: “sticky wrists, sticky wrists, sticky wrists”. And now you are ready for the Cross Arm Isolation. This forms part of a Cross Arm Combo that will be released in a couple of weeks so get your quirky cross on!

Hoop Tunes
Tipper: Wobble Factor DJ Mix
Freq Nasty: I Was Made For Loving You
Trill Zilla: Monster Mash Remix

A Vegan Spiced Pumpkin Chocolate Smoothie! Trust me – it’s far more delicious than it sounds. Are you feeling adventurous?

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